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Shepherd Communictions Web Design

Shepherd Communications Web Design

Rave Reviews

McEwen Creative did an excellent job of conceptualizing a brand for my company. As a result of the website they built, my popularity has exploded. Julie McEwen was great to work with and was just as vested in the final product as I was. Thank you McEwen Creative.

~ LaShana Harris, Babylocity

Put your fresh face forward.

If your business and brand want to stay relevant and attractive to users, fresh website design is a must. More than ever, consumers are searching online before making purchases. In fact, a recent study by Kelsey Research Group found that 97 percent of consumers research a business or its products and services online before buying locally.

To demonstrate your credibility as well as the value of your product or service, it is important to have a website to reflect that. The average amount of time it takes a user to make up their mind about delving further into a website is 3.6 seconds. That means you have a very short amount of time to make a very positive first impression.

Many web designers don't have the marketing skills to create the messaging and imagery to help you best reach your target market. We'll work with a web developer to reinforce your brand through the aesthetics, content and functionality of your website to encourage users to further explore what you have to offer. And, when they click through your website, we'll make sure they like what they see.


Don't want to play hide and seek?

McEwen Creative delivers the perfect combination of appealing design, ease of use and increased search results. The Internet is constantly changing and your website needs to keep up. And, your website should always be better than your competitors.

The most beautiful website won't do you any good unless your prospective clients can find you. We utilize analytics, effective keywords and search management techniques to increase your search results.

We're happy to help you look great and get found.